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For South Korea as of 2020-07-19, the best fit SEIR model is shown as:

Optimized SEIR model for the current corona virus evolution for South Korea

Associated operational parameters:

\(S_0\) = 1.150555e+04 cases;

\(\beta\) = 1.916706e-04 (cases days)\(^{-1}\);

\(\sigma\) = 1.045062e-01 days\(^{-1}\);

\(\gamma\) = 3.210087e-02 days\(^{-1}\).

These translate into the more familiar parameters:

R = 68.698326;

T\(_{inc}\) = 9.568810 days;

T\(_{inf}\) = 31.151806 days.

The additional initial values were:

\(E_0\) = 2.80e+01, \(I_0\) = 1.90e+01, \(R_0\) = 9.00e+00.

As a measure of quality of the convergence of the annealing algorithm, the final error measure was:

\(\epsilon\) = 9.320541e+02 cases; with a relative error, \(\epsilon/S_0\) = 8.10e-02 or 8.1%

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